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Doesnt work

Paid $2.79, down loaded it and nothing... Says to hold down on a stick figure for 2 seconds, would like to but the screen is blank. Thanks for nothing, oh ya you got $2.79 so your welcome

This app sucks, its not worth the $2.79 you have to pay!! Save your money for another app!

T&C Too Late For Refund

Terms and Conditions state: "ALLOW FULL ACCESS FOR STICK TEXTING KEYBOARDS? Full access allows the developer of this keyboard to transmit anything you type, including things you have previously typed with this keyboard. this could include sensitive information such as your credit card number or street address. DONT ALLOW/ALLOW" Who, in their right mind, would agree to this? But didnt see this until the dialogue box pops up to allow use. And now Im out the $2.79 plus tax.

Not smooth. Oversized and pixelated :(

Looked cool at first but in messenger the gif takes up the whole screen and is pixelated. Probably buggy. Wish I had my 3 bucks back....

Stick Texting

I love them!!! They are so cute. Works just like magic. A little confusing at first because it works differently on my two devices, but it made sense quickly. Again ❤️ them!

Doesnt work

Downloaded, didnt work, contacted developer through the app, got answer in 3 days: "Yes it does. What issue are you having?". No hello, no sorry. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!

Not providing full access to my keyboard!

Wish I could un-purchase. I didnt know it was going to require full access to my keyboard to work. I dont think thats appropriate to have to provide back to the developer everything I type. Not enabling this - already deleted. Enjoy the $1.99. Cute idea, but the full access is crap.

Crappy app

Crap pure crap freezes my phone horribly


Wont even open. Waste of money! I want my $2.00 back!

Doesnt work!!

Dont fall for this it wont work

Awesome sauce.

Simply hands down the must buy app ever. It is highly entertaining and so addictive, I use it on a daily basis to text my friends. You will not be disappointed when you purchase this app. Heck, buy all of them and you can interchange without having to switch apps. I cant wait until the update to be able to use this in Facebook. Go buy it. You will love it. Tell your friends to get it.

Do much fun

I love this all! My kids however are getting a little tired of them in response to all their texts!! So much fun, lol

Another junk on your phone

Like I said. It does not work well and mess up my phone. Wasting of money

Why full access

Why does the app need full access?


Where is the stick dude that beats up all the emojis? Like the one in the preview?


Fun app, but two things...why do you need access to my keyboard? Should even be an option and every few days I loose complete access to my keyboard. Weird glitch. My iOS is always updated but I have to delete & reinstall this app every week. Please fix!!!


I love this app. I am disappointed that on the preveiw the stick figure leaves its box and attacks other emoji is not factual. But still great!!

Not as advertised

The advertisement I saw on Facebook was more interactive and animated , just about anyone can make and store GIFs . Pretty unsatisfied

Not cool, its really annoying actually. Deleting it and wish I hadnt paid for it

False advertising

Stick man doesnt blast his way out of the enclosure and kick the regular emojis asses. He shoots his enclosure and appears to have forgotten what he was doing

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