Stick Texting Emoji Emoticons Killer App Recensioni


I love these little stick figures. The only reason I gave 4 stars rather than 5 is because there’s never an update with new stick figure emojis. I want to see more. I bought all of them. I would just like to see that the apps aren’t dead.

False advertisement

I feel robbed and cheated. It’s advertised as if the stick figures can interact with messages sent in the message feed but they don’t. This was the only reason I downloaded this app..... I’d like my money back now!!!! Not cool.

Awesome animations

I love this app. Awesome update. Works with Facebook, Whatsapp, texting. Love it.

It Works Great

05/2018 I Just downloaded the app this morning and I actually really like it , however you have to know how to add other keyboards in order to get the full access, in which I knew, Settings-General- keyboard- add new - stick texting - click on stick texting and press allow full access. Its really that fast

These animations are awesome

Everyone who gives it less than 5 stars just doesn’t know how to use it. These animations are funny and relevant. Way to go developer !

Not clean

Cute, funny and foul. Cursing in almost every one. How about some clean ones.

Has never worked on any of my phones

Bought this as a bundle. None have ever worked on my phones. Got it when I had the 6s plus since I have upgraded to a 7 plus and now the 8 plus. It copies the images but refuses to paste them into any messaging app I have. I can see them in previews when I want to select, copy them, but cannot use them. All permissions are enabled and keyboards installed. So to me it isn’t worth the money. Too late for me to get a refund, instead, just uninstalled these. Wasted money.


It's very great and I loved it. . .wait are they going to come alive and wreck my stuff? (I'm joking :PH

Doesn’t work

Can’t paste, I want refund!


Downloaded this app from an add on facebook and it doesn't do what is advertised in the ad refund would be nice


Don’t waste your money

Doesn’t work

Don’t waste your money this crappy app doesn’t work

Full access?

How can you warranty that you will not see or track anything that customers do or write on their keyboards? You can change or remove anything from your privacy policy, I paid already I need you to send me a paper or something that I can use against you if you lie to us thanks.

Not working

This app looks fun and enjoyable. It looks like it can be one of the best apps of the year. “”Only IF IT WORKED!!!!”” I tried getting tech support and when I filled out the questionnaire they have online it doesn’t allow me to send saying all fields have to be filled out!!! Why do I feel like I got taken, robbed, fooled!!!!

Update please

This app isn’t working with the X. I used to use it often. Copy past isn’t working...

Its broke

It doesnt work anymore, what gives??!!

Very bad!!!!

Bad resolution and too big for whatsapp!!! Bad bad bad for $1.99!!!!!


To use it on the phone keboard, you have to installed it in General>Keboard and then select again the app right there on the keyboard options and give full access (otherwise it won't make the copy/paste function). I am making every one on iMessage and Whatsapp crazy with this🤣🤣👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Application issues

Application is pasting a Facebook text instead of the images. What is happening??


you ruined this app by adding the by keyword and by category please fix this also sometimes the paste option after copying one with the keyboard gets stuck on the last one

Doesn't work!!!!

Won't work on new iPhone 7 plus.....

Dose nothing but waist your time

It's all in the title

Not working

It won't change from one stick text to a new one even though it says it's copied and ready to paste. Not fun at all.

False advertising

Jut saw an add for this app on Facebook and it shows things that this app will not do.

Paste function no longer works

Was fun while it lasted,now no longer works as the copy paste function does not work. Refund would be good please.


Only saw it on my youtube and on a guy name Alan Becker

Emoji Improved!

Why use conventional emoji when you can ANIMATE them?! Gives you animated alternatives to all the standard Emoji symbols. Each image is about 1 inch square on an iPhone and should be visible anywhere an animated GIF works. Good for Facebook when you what otherwise use single Emoji replies.

Wont copy and paste

Full access really

Does not work in iOS 10

Does not work in iOS 10.

IOS 10 doesn't work with this app!

I've tried everything but the stick man doesn't pasted anywhere, on any app!!

IOS 10.x

Loved the app when it used to work but now the my phone is updated to IOS 10 is does not work.

stick texting

great app use it every day

Dope app!

Looooove it!!! I want one that makes it rain!!! Get it for iOS 10 to use it in the messaging app.

Best App, EVER!

I love this App! My friends always laugh when I use this app when sending texts, and always ask how they can get it. It puts those boring Emoji to shame!

Like, but dislike...

I like this app a lot and so does everyone I stick text, but the latest update eliminated "recent" for "search" and I really DISLIKE that❗️ Grr‼️


Stick figure does not do what the animation says it does. It is confined to a box. Very misleading.

Disappointing app. Doesn't do what you think.

Downloaded, deleted, attempted to get support and ask for refund, their site doesn't work. Don't waste $2. Now I have to go through apple for the refund.

Doesn't attack emojis.

Horrible app, it doesn't attack the emojis like it says. I purchased it, and am very disappointed. When I tried to contact to get my money back, they won't even let the message go through.


I cost me $1.99 to find out in order to find out that in order to use the app you have to allow FULL access to the developer.. Anything you type on your keyboard that developer can use and resend including credit card numbers and bank information.. That's a big bucket of nopity nope nope!!!!


I saw this on Alan Becker's channel. He seems trustworthy. I trust him not to steal my card number. Please. Let this decision be a good one.

Tricky tricky

Full access is not required for your keyboard. Don't select that option.

Don't buy

This app wants you to have full access to your keyboard pass codes bank etc only a moron would install this I was that moron but I cancel the minute it say it was incomplete. No way you get my information

Is not working.....

Bad application is not doin anything when i copy and taste the picture dont move or anything i dont like it its seen cool in the review video what a wasted of time

Best App Ever!! ❤️

I wasn't planning on buying this app .. I was curious though so I bought it just to try out something new .. But nooooooo I love this app!! One of the best app! I'm soooo glad I bought it!! 💯😩❤️ My favorite app now xD

No way

Wants you to allow the to have access to you system. Can't use some of the features unless you do. Stuff started showing up n my phone from the developer. No way beware.

Access to Personal info ?

By allowing full access you are also allowing them to see all of you texts past and present

Fastest purchase and delete ever...

Installed and deleted in under one minute because of this preinstall warning - "Full Access allows the developer to transmit anything you type including things you have previously typed with your keyboard. This could include sensitive information such as your credit card numbers and street address. "

Not worth it

I should have trusted my I instincts and not purchased this lame app. Yeah it cheap should off just made it at least $0.99 then I will be fine Horrible app do not buy it is not worth your two dollars.


Does the other person have to buy it to receive it and actually see what it is ?

No new sticks

Developer told me months 6 months ago they were coming out with new sticks !!!!! Nothing new here . Contacted them again " it's coming soon" that was a month ago so apparently nothing is coming . Very slow creating new stick messages gets old quick most stick messages are useless .

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